Monetize legal claims

Litwyn connects companies with litigation funders.
Request funding for a legal claim and make investors compete for it.

Discover corporate finance for law

You can finance legal costs with cash advances in exchange for a share of the future judgment or settlement.

Based on a 'no win - no fee' arrangement you have no risk exposure.

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One place, many results

With over 250,000 search results for 'litigation funder', manually searching suppliers and contacting one by one is challenging.

We save you time by giving you access to multiple relevant funders at once.

Select the best offers

We collect for you term sheets with general terms from multiple funders. To win your case they compete on pricing.

You can easily compare all proposed terms and decide which ones to accept for further case review.


We work with vetted funders that have good reputation and track record. They all have significant capital resources at their disposition.


We request funding on your behalf not only from traditional legal funders, but also specialized banks, private equity and hedge funds, and family offices.


We support all types of litigation finance regardless of the claim size or the legal area: pre- and post-settlement, and even law firm funding.

Global reach

Seeking funding internationally is possible, as our partner investors serve markets all over the world.


As our interests are aligned with yours we leverage our knowledge of existing market standards so that it benefits you.


Due to our use of encryption standards like SSL, your communication with us is secure and your data remains confidential.

Why choose us

Thanks to our large network of professional investors we can make funding happen for claims that vary in size from as little as $30,000 to more than $10 milion. By leveraging our knowledge of all the requirements funders have, we are able to secure funding for you in a faster and more efficient way than if you had to do it on your own.

Our services are free to you (and there are no hidden fees), as we are only paid by the funders for successful deals. This way we can help you obtain funding in a cost-effective way.

Many litigants who directly apply for funding - often for the first time - are not completely aware of market standards, which gives an edge to the litigation funder. With our help during this process you can regain an advantage in terms of improved transparency and competitiveness of the offers received.

Finally, the funding process can be difficult and quite time-consuming, which is one of the top concerns for clients. We are aware of extreme cases where agreements were reached after as long as 10 weeks. Of course, our role is to accelerate this process and bring the time-to-money to an absolute minimum (typically 4-6 weeks).

Explore the benefits


  • save up on litigation costs
  • legal expenses don’t show up on P&L
  • use extra money on company growth
  • keep shareholders happy by not spending on litigation

Law firms

  • de-risk contingency fees
  • accelerate legal fees or receive them upfront
  • develop a contingency fee practice
  • open up for a new market of budget-constrained clients

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